BLG Adroit is our collaborative approach to partnering with our clients. Working with you, we utilize process improvement and enhanced project management methodologies to create maximum value, efficiency, consistency, predictability and transparency both in the delivery of our legal services to you, and for in-house counsel in the delivery of legal services to your internal clients.

BLG Adroit — One Approach

Two Components

Our approach consists of two methodologies – process improvement and project management, which can be used in tandem or independently, based on your specific needs.

Listening for, and understanding, your objectives, expectations and needs — how you define value and success — is at the root of BLG Adroit.

Lean Process Improvement

Our methodology is both broad and deep. We take a holistic approach to your needs and then apply proven Lean Six Sigma disciplines to refine and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of legal services.

Legal Project Management

Our project management tools are used to more effectively manage the planning, execution, and control of the work and budget for legal matters of any nature, size or complexity.

Creating Value

  • Greater efficiency and cost control of legal services
  • Improved transparency and communications
  • Predictability of deliverables and timing
  • Improved risk management
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Design of alternative fee arrangements tailored to your needs
  • Customization of work plans and processes to meet your needs

Recent Client Results

  • Improved turn-around time from initial file opening to delivery of legal services
  • Created cost savings by streamlining work processes and optimizing collaboration between the firm and client teams
  • Achieved cost-predictability based on the optimized process
  • Improved client-firm communications and workflow transparency

BLG Adroit at Work

Processes that Deliver Outcomes

How Project Management Works: Managing Scope, Time and Budget

Our approach to project management is both art and science, creating and deploying management strategies for large scale or complex initiatives based on industry leading tools and techniques. We work closely with you at the outset of the legal matter to develop the project management plan:

  • It starts by identifying your underlying business and legal drivers, project objectives and outcomes.
  • Together, we define the scope of work, and the specific tasks to be completed to achieve the project objectives.
  • By establishing detailed plans for the project in collaboration with you, we deliver schedules, milestone clarity, deliverables, team assignments, clarity of roles and responsibilities, risk identification and risk-response contingency plans.
  • This approach creates realistic budgets to improve cost predictability for you.
  • A communication plan is developed with you for status reports, on work progression and budget tracking, risk identification, and as appropriate, an approval process for changes to project plans and budgets.

How Process Improvement Works: DMAIC [de-may-ik] = Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control

We employ our DMAIC Lean methodology to create enhanced value, on your terms. In collaboration with you, we identify, pursue and deliver efficiency gains by streamlining processes to meet your needs:

  • We engage with you to define your needs, expectations and requirements, ranging from service quality and cost predictability to status reporting and risk management.
  • Our measurement activities map the current state processes and identify key metrics, and we ask you the right questions to collect the crucial data needed for decision-making.
  • Through data analysis and interviews, we identify the root causes of process challenges and their impact.
  • With this data and insight in hand, we meet with you and together we identify opportunities and solutions for specific and continuous improvement in the way we provide our legal services to you, and for in-house counsel in the way you deliver legal services to your internal clients. We then prioritise implementation and collaborate with you to produce the new, optimized process map for execution of legal service delivery.
  • We implement control plans to monitor execution and provide the metrics on solution results, process adherence and impact.

As your legal advisers, our job is to effectively support achieving your business objectives.

At Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG), Lean Six Sigma process and project management principles and methodologies underpin our way of working smarter, more efficiently and cost-effectively for you and with you. We call it BLG Adroit, meaning deft, skillful and adept.

By asking the right questions, creating more efficient and transparent processes, applying best-in-class matter and project management techniques and performance monitoring, we seek to continually enhance the value we provide in our relationships with you.

BLG Adroit is our way of thinking, backed by a proven method of application.

BLG Adroit Co-Leaders

Patricia Olah
(United States), J.D.,
Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

Andrew Terrett
Solicitor (England and Wales)
Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt