Positive Proof Not Necessary for Summary Judgment

September 23, 2016

​The Court granted summary judgment for the defendant in Choma v City of Toronto, 2016 ONSC 5510.

Canada Undergoes Review of the Deposit Insurance Framework

September 22, 2016

​In the context of a continuously evolving financial sector, the aim of the Department is to ensure that the framework continues to adapt to the marketplace and that the scope of the products covered by the framework are adequately addressed.

Health and Safety Trump Religious Freedom

September 22, 2016

Singh et al. v. Montréal Gateways Terminals et al.

IPC Releases Guidance on Communicating PHI by Email

September 20, 2016

​The Fact Sheet sets out a number of requirements that the IPC will expect health information custodians to meet if they decide to use email to communicate personal health information.

New Legislation Coming to Protect Patients from Sexual Abuse

September 15, 2016

​The Provincial government intends to propose legislation that would uphold and reinforce a zero tolerance policy on the sexual abuse of patients by regulated health professionals