BLG Achieves Top Results in Chambers Canada


​Borden Ladner Gervais has 78 lawyers recognized in the first Chambers Canada guide.

Minimum Wage Update!


​Employers throughout Canada need to be aware of recent and imminent minimum wage hikes.

Federal Election 2015 – Employee Time Off to Vote


​With the upcoming elections, we thought it would be timely to remind you of your obligations and employers with respect to employees taking time off to vote.

Ontario Court Upholds Termination for Abandonment


​It has always been the case that the courts will place a high burden on any employer trying to establish that an employee has abandoned or voluntarily resigned from his or her employment.

On September 1st The Ombudsman Began Taking Complaints About School Boards


​As of September 1st, 2015, the Ontario Ombudsman may now take complaints pertaining to the province's 73 school boards.

Job Action Ramps Up For Cupe And Etfo


The Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents 55,000 education workers in the provnce, moved into Phase 2 of its Work-to-Rule plan.

Criminal Consequences Of Student “Sexting”


​Recent criminal cases and changes to the Criminal Code highlight the consequences that can result from sharing or eliciting 'sexts' from others.

Video Surveillance In Schools: Balancing Safety And Privacy


​School boards everywhere are faced with the difficult task of balancing the safety of students, staff, volunteers and community members on school property with respect for privacy and personal information.