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Coming out of COVID-19 lockdown: Issues, challenges and solutions for employers

After adapting to the whirlwind changes of the last several weeks, we now turn our attention to what employers need to do to come out of lockdown. While many Canadian provinces have established plans to slowly get back to normal, these plans raise interesting and important questions for employers which require careful analysis and consideration for each province.

Our live webinar on Tuesday, May 5, addressed potential workplace issues related to businesses and workplaces reopening their doors to their employees. We explored the following topics:

  • Plans and policies to ensure compliance with public health and safety requirements
  • Testing and other screening methods
  • Work refusals
  • Union issues
  • Have more questions? Please submit any questions you would like addressed through the RSVP form registration button.

For updates from our team on business issues at the forefront today, please view and bookmark our COVID-19 Resource Centre.

Watch the webinar below

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