Expand Your Insights with Beyond eDiscovery Services

Expand Your Insights with Beyond eDiscovery Services

Win with comprehensive data and legal review to surface the most relevant details to your case quickly, comprehensively and cost-effectively.

eDiscovery is integral to litigation and investigations. But as data types and volumes grow, discovery is getting more complicated and time consuming. A traditional hands-on-paper approach is usually inefficient and cost prohibitive.

Discover a better way

Beyond eDiscovery combines legal expertise with innovative technology to streamline your discovery process and focus on the most important information.

Using RelativityOne, the Beyond eDiscovery team works collaboratively with clients and advocates to surface the most pertinent information to your case as it evolves.

Beyond eDiscovery helps your legal team focus on asking strategic questions and building the most effective, cost-efficient case.


  • Confidential client centrally hosts 9TB of data that BLG and their other external counsel would access using Beyond eDiscovery. The client was able to use our competitive hosting pricing for all litigation matters rather than each law firm processing and outsourcing to various vendors. Each law firm received a private unique workspace and benefited from the latest features of RelativityOne.
  • Over 408,000 project-related documents were received for review in a construction matter under a very tight production deadline. With 150 hours of combined work time, the production was ready, for an effective review cost of 12 cents per document.
  • Active management of a major bank’s litigation data in RelativityOne repositories has allowed the Bank to benefit from hosting fees under $4 per gigabyte.
  • Up against a court-ordered deadline for production of documents, BLG was provided a hard drive of records (89,000+) to review for relevance and privilege. Even with a team of several lawyers and clerks on the file, it was clear there would not be enough time to meet the deadline. The Beyond eDiscovery team was engaged and in a few short days the number of documents for review was reduced to under 16,000. Without utilizing the Beyond eDiscovery team, we would have wasted hours reviewing thousands of additional records and the deadline would have been impossible.
  • In a case with over 1,000,000 documents, using a combination of strategic searching, conceptual analytics and continuous active learning, we were able limit the number of documents requiring eyes-on review to 15% of the total data set.

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