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Information Technology

IT plays an essential role in Canada's economy, as virtually all facets of business and personal life are driven by some form of computer network. Information management and data exchange have always been key to business success, while instant access to information has progressed from a reality to a requirement. 

It’s imperative to have a legal team that understands the business models, technology, legal and regulatory frameworks of this evolving industry and can provide innovative, targeted services.

Our IT Group is at the forefront of technology law and intellectual property services across all industries. Whether your core business is in the IT field or incidentally affected by new technological developments, we are peerless in our ability to provide timely, cost-effective advice. 

As a seamless team working across all of our offices, our practice encompasses a variety of verticals and skills, including:

  • fintech
  • health-related technologies
  • energy-related technologies
  • related procurement advice applicable to government and the broader public sector
  • financing of technology companies, including private and publicly listed companies
  • intellectual property protection for technological innovation
  • litigation, including seeking injunctive relief

We leverage this combined experience to tackle the most complex commercial transactions, including:

  • conducting public procurement processes for technology
  • establishing strategic alliances
  • negotiating IT and business processes
  • outsourcing agreements
  • initial public offerings in the technology sector
We also provide dispute resolution assistance with IT-related issues and contracts.


  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP provides legal and intellectual property services to a wide range of companies in the information technology sector from start-ups to publicly traded corporations. We also serve the needs of their suppliers and customers, including the following:
  • Information Technology Industry - We act for suppliers, distributors and retailers of computer systems, software and information products (such as databases and processing services), providing advice with respect to all aspects of their business. In particular, we assist such companies with sales, licenses and services agreements, contract administration and product distribution (including marketing and competition law).
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution - Our IT Group works with our clients to resolve any IT or IP disputes which they may encounter and to obtain damages where they have been wronged or injunctive relief where it is required.
  • Users of Information Systems - We act for many users of information systems, including manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, school boards, universities, colleges, government agencies, banks and insurance companies, providing advice on all matters relating to the procurement and use of technology.
  • Publishers and Suppliers of Multimedia Products - We prepare and negotiate various publishing agreements, including agreements for the distribution of computerized databases by the Internet and CD-ROM.
  • Financial Institutions and Capital Market Participants - We act on behalf of various financial institutions in connection with the implementation of electronic commerce projects. We also assist financial institutions and their suppliers in connection with the acquisition or supply of a wide range of information technology products, such as financial data and trading floor systems. We also assist capital market participants in the securities and mutual fund industry in website development, electronic trading and document delivery.
  • New Venture Assistance - We provide all types of business formation assistance to new start-ups, including incorporations, shareholder and partnership agreements.

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