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Why BLG?

We are BLG: Canada’s Law Firm.

We pride ourselves on having outstanding, talented people and delivering an exceptional client experience. We are a future-minded firm, delivering high-value advice and known for our commitment to innovation, diversity and inclusion, community involvement and talent development. Our culture is one of curiosity, firm-wide collaboration, mutual respect, dedication and continuous improvement. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how you can contribute to our team.

Grow your career

We are constantly evolving and reinventing the way we do business. New opportunities for career growth arise regularly. We position you to grow both within your current role and into new roles through providing challenging work in a supportive environment. We combine that with continuous learning, including comprehensive onboarding, role-specific training, technology seminars, on-demand training and tuition support.

Join a diverse, inclusive team

Our workplace culture is one of unfailing mutual respect. We all play a part in recognizing, embracing and celebrating one another’s differences. We look forward to you contributing your unique perspective as we work towards our common goals.

Work with great colleagues

You’ll find your colleagues at all levels to be committed, collaborative, supportive and friendly – people you can count on and will feel lucky to work with. Within and across departments everyone pulls together to achieve shared goals. You can get to know your colleagues on a personal level at various social events throughout the year.

Be healthy

We take a holistic approach to wellness, offering a comprehensive and flexible benefits program. The program can be tailored to match your needs, and supports your physical, mental and financial wellness. We also keep health in mind when organizing events and designing workspaces.

Have the flexibility you need

We’re open to different ways of working, with options for remote and flexible work in many roles. Regardless of your role or how you work, you’ll be provided with a laptop, and you’ll be able to collaborate with ease across offices using tools like screen-sharing and web video conferencing. We also support you in combining a challenging and rewarding career with your other important life goals. 

Contribute to your community

We believe we all have a responsibility to give back to our communities. One of our most beloved community programs is BLG Reads to Kid. This involves more than 300 BLG members from across all our offices reading to local school children from kindergarten to grade three. We also contribute to our communities in a variety of ways that align with our own passions, including by volunteering at food banks, assisting with pro bono work, and serving on non-profit boards. 

Have the tools you need to succeed

At BLG you’ll be using cutting-edge, industry-leading technology and resources on a daily basis. We arm you with the tools to do your job well and efficiently. The way the firm is structured supports this too. 

Challenge yourself

We aim to lead our industry in everything we do – from the way we practice law through every aspect of how we run our business. You’ll get great experience, national perspective and challenging work opportunities in every role at BLG. Our business professionals partner and collaborate with our award-winning legal professionals to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Make an impact

At BLG you can make a real difference through your contributions. All our decisions are made right here in Canada. Our leadership openly and regularly discusses our strategy with our full team. They’re interested in your ideas as to how we can do better. No office is our “head” office. Rather, our leadership team and virtually all of our departments are spread across the firm’s five offices. 



Career Development

We want to see you succeed. That’s why we invest so heavily in your development. We’ll welcome you to BLG with a comprehensive onboarding program, setting you up for success in your role. Going forward, we provide continuous learning, great experience and opportunities to grow in your career. Our talent framework provides a flexible roadmap to help you navigate your career and develop to your full potential.

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Our people most commonly describe our culture as inclusive, professional, friendly, collegial, collaborative, diverse and respectful. It’s a culture that supports you doing your best work on challenging assignments. It makes for a rewarding experience.

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