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Summer Program

In 15 weeks, we give first- and second-year law students the opportunity to explore litigation or business law.

Our summer program doesn’t involve formal rotations: you decide whether you want to work in litigation or business law. This means you can take on work in a variety of practice areas and get to know and learn from many lawyers in your chosen department.

Your summer begins with orientation, to help you learn about BLG and our many resources. You'll be assigned a mentor. You'll also attend weekly training sessions to learn about practice areas and practice management.

You'll get hands-on experience doing work much the same as that done by our articling students. This includes:

  • conducting research
  • helping with all aspects of business transactions
  • handling Small Claims Court matters
  • drafting contracts and pleadings
  • attending discoveries, court appearances and client meetings

Articling Program

Articling at BLG will set you on the path to a successful legal career. As an articling student in our Toronto office, you’ll gain hands-on experience in litigation and business law and take on work similar to that of our junior associates.

Comprehensive Training
Your time at BLG starts with orientation. You’ll also attend weekly seminars on topics such as:

  • how to structure a business deal
  • practice management
  • motions and discoveries
  • mediations and settlements
  • business development
  • preparing for trial and closings

Your Articling Experience
You start with two 11-week rotations: one in litigation and one in business law. You then have two rotations, which are yours to choose from in our many practice areas. You can even spend a rotation in the legal department at another institution, such as:

  • The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Hospital for Sick Children

You’ll be assigned a principal mentor and an associate mentor to support you through your articling experience. Your mentors will meet with you regularly to answer questions, provide feedback, and guide you through professional events. You’ll also benefit from informal mentor relationships with other BLG lawyers.

Hands-on Experience
Articling students take on the same kind of work as our junior associates. While assisting lawyers on major matters, you will:

  • attend meetings, discoveries and mediations
  • draft memoranda, contracts and legal opinions
  • conduct due diligence and research
  • work on pro bono projects and cases
  • manage your own Small Claims Court matters

Applying to BLG

Work at BLG Toronto and launch your successful legal career. With hands-on experience, mentorship and regular evaluations, your experience here will set you up to get ahead.

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