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THE RESOURCE: BLG Energy Law Blog – September Digest

This blog is authored by members of BLG's Oil and Gas Focus Group. We follow new and interesting legal issues as they emerge in the energy area. The wide range of direct and extensive energy experience held by our contributors lends itself to a diverse and insightful examination of current legal trends and topics. Our experience not only provides a source of valuable information and insight, but also assists in finding solutions to legal issues that arise in this dynamic and rapidly evolving area.

Topics posted in September 2016 include:

  • Clarity Amidst Uncertainty — Minister Phillips Reiterates Renewable Power Commitment
  • Ontario court confirms narrow grounds for setting aside NAFTA award
  • Time to be diligent — Alberta Court limits lien rights and bolsters protection to owners
  • Federal Court of Appeal Dismisses Challenge, Finds That The Court Should Not Engage Itself Prematurely in the Administrative Process
  • Replacing An Insolvent Operator — Court Upholds CAPL "Immediate Replacement" Right

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