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BLG Partner David Crerar Authors Canadian Guide On Mareva And Anton Piller Preservation Orders In Canada

BLG is pleased to announce that David Crerar, Partner and National Leader of the Firm’s Defamation and Media Law Group, recently authored the book Mareva and Anton Piller Preservation Orders in Canada: A Practical Guide, published by Irwin Law Inc.

This book deals with two effective civil litigation tools used in cases of fraud. A Mareva injunction, also referred to as an “asset preservation order,” is a court order that prevents or limits a defendant from dealing with or disposing of some or all of his assets. The Anton Piller order, or “search order” or “evidence preservation order,” allows a plaintiff to search the defendant’s home or business to seize and preserve documents and other evidence. The order has been likened to a “civil search warrant.” The book also provides an overview of the preservation of property rules that exist in all Canadian jurisdictions.

Please click on the link below to download an excerpt from this informative guide. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of this book as we have a few limited copies available.

Download an excerpt from this informative guide.

To find out more about Mareva and Anton Piller preservation orders in Canada, please contact David Crerar.

  • By: David A. Crerar