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Mari-Times Newsletter

Developments in Canadian maritime law in 2018 from coast to coast.

BLG is pleased to announce the publication of our annual Mari-Times Newsletter summarizing Canadian legal developments within the maritime industry over the past year. Download the PDF for in-depth analyses of relevant changes in policy, legislation, regulations, and case law.

2018 was yet another active year in Canadian maritime law. The federal government has introduced many changes to the regulatory and legal landscape of the maritime industry through the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP), targeting a wide array of topics ranging from the protection of marine wildlife to the implementation of the Polar Code standards and the imposition of a moratorium on oil tanker traffic along the north coast of British Columbia. Numerous important legal decisions concerning maritime law and related admiralty practice areas were also rendered in 2018. Additionally, the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada has created new obligations at all levels of the maritime industry.

Apart from providing you with a summary of the year that was, we trust that this issue of Mari-Times will provide you with a glimpse of the kinds of trends and developments that we may see in the coming years.