Rana Mirdawi

Senior Coordinator, Paraprofessional Services

[email protected]

As the senior coordinator of paraprofessional services in our corporate and capital markets group, Rana supports the paraprofessionals nationally, ensuring our clients receive exceptional service.

In her role, Rana coordinates career management, capacity management, performance management and talent development programs for our paraprofessionals in the corporate and capital markets group nationally. She is responsible for implementing new technology, programs, policies and procedures to promote consistent paraprofessional practices within the group. Rana also analyzes the group's processes to maximize efficiency and increase productivity.

With significant experience as a senior corporate law clerk, Rana assists with routine and substantively complex matters relating to incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, continuances, revivals, dissolutions and extra-provincial registrations. Additionally, she drafts and reviews various agreements and supporting documents relating to corporate and tax-driven reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions. Rana is also involved in training and mentoring junior law clerks.

Beyond Our Walls

Professional Involvement

  • Chair, International Practice Management Association (IPMA) for the Toronto Chapter
  • Member, Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
  • Member, International Practice Management Association


  • Law Clerk Diploma, Niagara College, 2007