International Arbitration

International arbitration is inherently multifaceted, necessitating a skilled, collaborative team of advocates who offer a comprehensive range of services. 

Our experienced international arbitration lawyers offer a full range of services, including:

  • advising on arbitration provisions
  • selecting appropriate arbitrators for your specific circumstances
  • persuasively presenting your case before arbitral tribunals
  • enforcing or challenging arbitration awards
  • finding procedural and strategic alternatives best suited to your needs

Our team advocates for private and public corporations, governments and industry groups, including:

  • energy
  • oil and gas
  • forestry
  • telecommunications
  • software and pharmaceutical licensing and development
  • insurance
  • banking
  • securities
  • medical and health care
  • maritime
  • construction

Several members of our team act as arbitrators, giving us unique procedural, substantive and strategic insights from the decision-makers’ perspective.


  • Acted for a Canadian telecommunications satellite operator in a dispute with a U.S. telecommunications manufacturer.
  • Acted for a U.S. telecommunications satellite manufacturer in a dispute with a United Arab Emirates satellite operator.
  • Acted for a Canadian pharmaceutical development company in a dispute with a South Korean company arising out of a license and revenue sharing contract.
  • Acted for a Canadian software development company in a dispute with two American pharmaceutical supply companies.
  • Acted for an English company in its dispute with a Canadian oil-spill recovery equipment manufacturer.
  • Acted for a Russian energy company in its dispute with a Kazakhstan joint venture partner.
  • Acted for a Portuguese cement company in a dispute with an Irish building materials company over a joint-venture vehicle.
  • Acted for a Canadian bank in a dispute with an Italian bank concerning the sale and purchase of a subsidiary.
  • Counsel to claimant, a Canadian sporting goods manufacturer, in an ICC arbitration in connection with a claim against its exclusive Japanese distributor.


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