Tania Namrud

Summer Law Student


Tania is a summer student at BLG’s Toronto office for the 2023 summer term. She is focusing on Disputes.

Tania has a diverse background in healthcare, medical science, and technology. Prior to joining BLG, Tania worked as a legal assistant at a real estate and family law firm. In addition to her professional experience, Tania has been involved in volunteer and research work at several hospitals across Toronto, Newmarket, and Hamilton, Ontario.

Tania chose BLG because she was drawn to the welcoming, dedicated, and highly skilled lawyers she met at the firm. She was also impressed with the firm’s extensive litigation practice and believed that it was the perfect place for her to continue her professional growth and make a significant impact in her field.

In Tania’s spare time, she enjoys staying active and pursuing her passions. She has a love for playing soccer and basketball, which she participates in regularly. Tania also has a passion for travel and enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and learning about the history of the places she visits.


  • BSc. (Hons.), McMaster University, 2020
  • JD, University of Ottawa, 2024 (expected)