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Diverse and inclusive teams drive today’s successful businesses.

Our clients want to be represented by diverse teams. Our employees expect their workplace to accept, respect and support them, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. As Canada’s Law Firm, we champion diversity and inclusion in our workplace and in the wider legal community. 

BLG Diversity Mission

We work hard to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and included. Our National Director of Diversity & Inclusion, in consultation with our D&I Council, proactively reviews all policies, processes and practices to eliminate barriers and support inclusion.

BLG D&I initiatives include training and education, support for parental leaves, affinity groups, diversity-themed celebrations, and tracking and reporting on progress.

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Transgender Accommodation & Inclusivity Policy

BLG’s robust Transgender Accommodation and Inclusivity Policy provides guidance on supporting, respecting, and accommodating Trans individuals, and preventing harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. From our all gender washrooms to encouraging the use of pronouns in signature lines, we work to build an environment that is inclusive of all genders.

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Mental health strategy

BLG’s mental health strategy focuses on supporting Firm members by building awareness, reducing stigma and fostering a safe and open environment. Our specific initiatives have included Firm-wide communications about mental health; a central repository of resources on a dedicated intranet page; Mental Health 101 training for all Firm members; Mental Health First Aid training and certification for our people managers; a breadth of extended health benefits including $5,000 for psychotherapy on an annual basis; and educational programs to promote health and wellbeing.

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Addressing racism

BLG recognizes that building an inclusive workplace means specifically naming and addressing racism. We have rolled out mandatory anti-Black and anti-Asian racism training; and as part of our commitment to reconciliation, have made the CBA’s “The Path: Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada,” available to all Firm members. To equip our firm members to stand up to acts of harassment and hate, we offer Bystander Intervention training. Our work to examine all of our processes and policies to remove barriers and promote inclusion is ongoing.

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Advancing inclusion of our LGBTQA+ members

BLG continuously works to create an inclusive environment for members of the LGBTQA+ community. We offer training on building an LGBTQA+-inclusive workplace and how to be an effective ally. We launched a mentorship program for LGBTQA+-identified students and celebrate Pride in all of our regions. Our BLGTQA+ Affinity Group plays an active role in our initiatives and provides mentoring to Firm members.

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Supporting the development of diverse talent

BLG supports initiatives that improve access to legal education for members of under-represented groups. We sponsor LSAT preparation courses at five law schools across Canada; and the Black Future Lawyers Program aimed at undergraduate students. We also support Law in Action Within Schools; the University of Toronto’s See Yourself Here program as well as the First Generation Network. A number of BLG’s own law students and lawyers are the beneficiaries of these programs and continue their involvement by providing one on one support and mentoring.

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Supporting parents and caregivers

BLG provides all of its legal professionals with equal parental leave benefits regardless of gender, sexual orientation and method of family formation. We have built a framework of support around parental leaves – our New Parent Toolkit includes practical guidance on preparing for a leave and returning to work; our New Parent Coaching Program gives our legal professionals access to an external coach; and our maternity/parental leave re-integration program pairs the professional on leave with a re-integration partner to assist with keeping up to date during the leave and with re-integration upon returning to work. Finally, our Talent Framework provides our Firm members with greater flexibility and more career options.


Driven by Women

Women face unique issues in business and leadership – that’s why we developed Driven By Women™.


Driven By Women™ offers women in business and law a platform to connect, and opportunities to share ideas and support each other. In addition, we collaborate with community partners to amplify your voice and connect you with the resources necessary for your success.

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  • Canada's Best Diversity Employers | Les meilleurs employeurs pour la diversite au Canada
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