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Data-Driven Risk Management

October 14, 2021

1:30 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

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This three-part series will focus on using data and artificial intelligence to manage risk in day-to-day compliance, conducting internal investigations, and constructing strategic defences. Each session will include expert panelists who will discuss how collecting and analyzing data can assist businesses to comply with the law and mitigate risk, investigate potential breaches of the law, and determine the best way forward when defending against regulatory or criminal charges.

Our first session will take place on October 14:

Session 1: Compliance

This session will focus on designing and papering robust compliance systems with positive feedback loops to provide real-time insights to identify and address irregularities and the implementation and use of screening programs.

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Upcoming Sessions

Please watch your mailbox for invitations for the next sessions in this series:

Session 2: Investigations | November 10

This session will focus on using available data to assist internal investigations while maintaining privilege. Panelists will also highlight new technology available to analyze data for internal investigations.

Session 3: Defences | November 25

This session will focus on using available data to put forward strategic defences and to negotiate voluntary disclosures with regulatory agencies or remediation agreements with prosecutors.