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A summary of Canadian class action procedure and developments

Although relatively new in Canada, class actions have become commonplace ever since this vehicle was introduced in the 1970s. These lawsuits can arise from a wide variety of business operations and pose an unprecedented challenge to companies and organizations.

This paper is designed to provide an overview of the essential aspects of the Canadian class actions system, and covers common law jurisdictions and Québec.

Topics discussed:

  • The Canadian Court System and Class Actions
  • The Types of Cases Filed and Relief Sought in Canada
  • Managing Multiple Class Filings in Canada
  • Class Action Procedure—Common Law Provinces and Quebec
  • Class Certification Criteria and the Litigation Process
    • The Common Law Provinces and Territories
    • Québec
  • Settlement of Class Actions in Canada
  • Appellate Review
  • Contingency Fees, Costs and Litigation Funding in Class Actions
  • Updates and Trends

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