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Leading at the crossroads: Indigenous women leaders on the fight for an equitable future

From the corporate boardroom to political office, Indigenous women have been reclaiming their roles as leaders, healers, builders and advisors in Indigenous and non-Indigenous contexts alike. This topic was explored at the virtual event “Leading at the crossroads: Indigenous women leaders on the fight for an equitable future”, on April 5, 2022. This lively and honest conversation about the road to representation was told from the perspective of five women who are proud citizens of different Nations and have filled different leadership roles in their communities and across Canada.

BLG’s Cherie Brant hosted Roberta Jamieson, Independent Director of RBC and Deloitte Canada, Hillary Thatcher from the Canada Infrastructure Bank, Alicia Dubois from the Royal BC Museum, and Sherry Antone from Assembly of First Nations to discuss their roots, where they are today and what they envision for the next generation of Indigenous women leaders. Catherine Lau, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Mountain Equipment Company (MEC) opened the powerful discussion.

The event was organized by BLG’s national cross-practice Indigenous Law Group; Women General Counsel Canada, a member-led organization established by women in general counsel and legal executive roles; and Driven By Women™, BLG’s platform to connect women in business and law.

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