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Both public and private sector proponents of drinking water and wastewater management systems face increasing challenges to deliver safe, compliant and cost-effective services.

Our extensive expertise and experience includes:

  • waste water management systems and approvals
  • water supply and distribution systems, including innovative structures to facilitate public/private partnerships

We represent public and private sector clients in a range of issues, including:

  • structuring public/private partnerships
  • providing advice on regulatory requirements and approvals for solid waste management systems, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, including environmental assessments and other related approvals
  • helping municipalities secure land and the associated rights for waste water and potable water treatment facilities, as well as linear facilities such as trunk sewers and water supply pipelines
  • assisting in creating entities to manage facilities and ensure water supply and waste water rates are appropriately set and regulated

We understand the challenges municipalities face in planning, developing and managing the operations of solid waste, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities. These include:

  • regulatory compliance
  • land-use planning

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