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Corporate Social Responsibility


Shaping the future together

We are committed to using our knowledge, skills and platform to help address vital social issues and to shape a sustainable future.

Our holistic approach to corporate social responsibility embraces the following areas, where we commit to conduct responsible business, empower our people, reduce our environmental impact, improve access to justice, and contribute to our communities.

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Conduct responsible

  • Conduct business in a transparent, accountable and secure manner.
  • Ensure an effective integration of our CSR policies within our corporate governance and decision-making measures.
  • Champion ethics and integrity, including an Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and a Code of Ethics.

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our people:

  • Establish programs and resources that ensure the mental and physical health, safety and wellness of our people.
  • Implement diversity and inclusion policies and practices to eliminate barriers and support inclusion.
  • Promote lifelong learning and professional development through continuing education and training programs.

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Reduce our
environmental impact:

  • Emphasize sustainable development, rigorous supply chain and purchasing practices.
  • Establish an enduring legacy with our firm-wide green initiatives.

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Improve access to justice through our pro bono work

$2.7 Million: Value of pro bono services BLG delivered in 2020 | 2,7 millions de dollars: valeur des services pro bono fournis par BLG en 2020

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Contribute to our communities

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Encourage our members, clients and stakeholders to make a difference in communities and organizations across Canada and beyond.

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Foster our community partnerships and our firm-wide culture of volunteerism, robust funding and donation programs.

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Endorse not-for-profit board positions and leadership.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


How a business is evaluated in the market is no longer solely based on its financial success or the products and services it sells. It is also based on reputation and whether it is seen as responsible and responding to investor demands.


Clients trust BLG to help them understand and embed ESG into their business strategies.