Key legal and business issues facing the automotive sector


Shared mobility and Mobility as a Service (Maas)

Transportation is undergoing a technological revolution. The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model is becoming how vehicles are sold, owned and used.

MaaS means integrating various physical modes of travel (e.g., public transit, car sharing, ride hailing, deliveries and bike sharing) into a single digital platform that allows travellers to plan and manage their journeys. MaaS makes transportation simple for the end user and is designed to be consumed on-demand, without needing to own a car.


Transportation subscription services and payment models

Adopting and scaling MaaS will require complex contractual arrangements across the supply chain to navigate the interaction between MaaS participants in the public and private sectors. Providing a frictionless user experience through a singular digital platform will see the mobile device become a transportation hub for commuters, couriers and travelers.

The monthly subscription model has proven successful with consumers in other areas. Paying a monthly fee to receive bundled transit services such as unlimited travel on urban public transport in addition to a fixed number of taxi/bicycle/e-scooter kilometres is also likely to interest consumers.

In this model, pricing for each part of a trip may be separate, while the mobile travel app or travel planner could provide unified services and payment options.

The MaaS marketplace

The digitization of transportation services will create a marketplace for personalizing transportation. Availability, convenience, control, connectivity and cost of transportation will all be at their fingertips.

Scheduling, booking and contactless app-based payment systems will continue to proliferate. Digital add-on and in-car services, such as concierge assistants, parking, and charging and fuelling services will create new revenue streams. The monetization of data will continue to provide opportunities, as well as concerns.

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