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Get fresh perspectives on current-day topics from BLG lawyers. Listen to some of our top talents walk you through a sampler of their respective specialties, in and out of BLG platforms.

BLG’s corporate podcast, The Legal Listen, features various professionals and casts a wide net, but some of our lawyers also enjoy a more targeted presence online:

Guy Pratte - The Art of Persuasion

Finely honed persuasion skills can win a case, seal a deal, even change a life or direct the fate of an entire nation.

The art of persuasion is not only practiced by lawyers and politicians, but also by actors, teachers, conductors, parents — in fact, by all of us, whatever our occupation. Learn from the best as Guy Pratte meets with high-profile figures who made a career out of successfully convincing others. Explore with his guests what it takes to change a person’s beliefs and opinions, and why it happens — or not.

During season 1, Guy discusses the art of persuasion with lawyer Marie Henein; former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; actor Colm Feore; barrister Lord David Pannick KC; lawyer Chilton Varner; conductor Alexander Shelley; fashion designer Tanya Taylor; and psychiatrist David Goldbloom.

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Season 1 episodes:

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