Green Economy

Our Green Economy expertise is cross-sector and focused on providing clients with practical advice relating to sustainability, climate, energy transition, and environmental markets opportunities and risks.

We provide strategic advice on environmentally-driven activities across this continually evolving area including:

  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Measures to improve environmental performance, such as:
    • Waste diversion
    • Lower emissions
    • Reduced water usage
    • Transition away from toxics
  • Product stewardship / extended producer responsibility
  • Recycling / value recovery of end-of-life materials
  • Enhanced environmental / climate change risk and reporting

Our clients include companies specializing in:

  • Consumer plastics and packaging
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Batteries / Energy Storage
  • Textiles
  • Commercial food / organics
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Rail


  • Advised and represented importers and retailers on waste diversion and extended producer responsibility obligations under a myriad of provincial and territorial programs, including waste electronics and electrical equipment, on- and off-road tires, used oils, paints, batteries, printed paper and packaging, and other municipal hazard/special waste streams.
  • Completed project development work on energy conservation, smart metering and demand management projects in Canada and the Caribbean.
  • Completed renewable energy project work for solar, wind, biomass, municipal solid waste-to energy and energy storage projects in Canada, United States, Latin America, Caribbean, European Union, China and Southeast Asia, including Canada's first direct MSW-to-energy sourcing agreement.
  • Advising the Government of Alberta on Carbon Capture and Storage development, including the development of a legislative/ regulatory framework and Stewardship Fund.
  • LNG Canada Development Inc. in its capacity as operator of the LNG Canada Project joint venture, on all operational, federal and provincial regulatory aspects of its $40 billion LNG Export Terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia.
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) in a constitutional reference from the British Columbia Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada determined in 2020 the applicability of provincial environmental legislation and regulation to the cross-border transport of oil and gas.
  • Comprehensive, strategic legal advisory services in understanding Canadian and international environmental policies and regulations, including advising on the impact of carbon taxes, carbon credits and ITCs.
  • Advising international companies on commercial and collaborative frameworks for building green hydrogen projects using hydro and wind power across Canada.
  • Development of the appropriate structure to maximize tax efficiency, including utilization of enhanced capital cost allowance and Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses (CRCE) available to clean energy systems.
  • Acting on all aspects of project life cycle for international solar developers as well as governments on solar procurement matters.
  • Advising a major wind project being built exclusively for generating Carbon Offset Credits in Alberta.

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