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Legal Translation Services

If you’re doing business in Canada, it’s essential to be able to communicate in both official languages. In some cases, translations are mandatory when you’re doing business in Québec.

Our team of lawyers and accredited legal translators has a thorough understanding of legal terminology in English and French. We can:

  • translate complex documents, including prospectuses, annual information forms, fund facts documents, management information circulars, takeover bids, offering memoranda and subscription agreements and annual reports
  • translate class action-related documents, such as settlement agreements, various notices to class members and class action websites
  • prepare standard contracts, crisis communications, marketing collateral and other business documents
  • provide legal translation opinions
  • meet tight deadlines

Our translators have extensive experience drafting legal and business documents for organizations across industries including:

  • mutual funds
  • self-regulatory organizations
  • banking and finance
  • manufacturing
  • insurance
  • government
  • energy, oil and gas
  • natural resources
  • technology
  • real estate
  • aviation

Our translation team works closely with lawyers in specialized areas, including:

  • capital markets and securities
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • banking
  • tax
  • securities-related rules and regulations
  • labour and employment
  • litigation
  • competition
  • intellectual property
We proofread documents, such as commercial copies, to ensure accuracy and compliance.
Our translation team has the skills to assist art designers and printers by using client-proprietary and other software.

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