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Innovation at BLG

We push beyond expectations

At BLG, innovation is more than just a concept—it underpins everything we do as a business.

As the business environment rapidly evolves, we need improved ways to solve clients’ most pressing and persistent legal challenges.

Current-day solutions to complex problems may benefit from the introduction of artificial intelligence in the workplace. In 2024, BLG appointed a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO), a first among Canadian law firms, to assist with AI-enabled solutions.

We challenge our thinking to find better, smarter ways to deliver new and enhanced services, processes and ways to practise law.

By exploring, piloting and implementing powerful ideas, processes and technologies, we drive greater value for our clients so they can grow, scale and transform their business for the future.

Under the leadership of John Godber, Client Innovation Partner, our Innovation Steering Committee seeks new ideas and sees them come to life across the firm.

We challenge expectations

At BLG, we know innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We challenge expectations, to find better, smarter, faster ways to practise law and serve our clients.

Our innovation strategy focuses on four key areas to push the boundaries of expectations.

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At BLG, we go beyond what’s expected.
We envision a simpler, more effective way to meet your pressing legal challenges. We deliver BLG’s proven services and knowledge, backed by fast, consistent and cost-effective tools.
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