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Buying and selling natural gas in Canada can be a complex process. Whether you are an energy supplier, energy consumer, commodities trader or financial institution, it is crucial to have a legal partner that offers practical and innovative solutions, protects your interests, and stays up-to-date on industry challenges and trends.

Our team of experienced gas contracting lawyers have worked with clients for many years in the purchase and sale of natural gas in Canada. They also advise on agreements necessary for transporting and storing natural gas, as well as the associated permits and regulatory approvals.

We review and provide advice on the GasEDI Base Contract, the North American Energy Standards Board Base Contract (NAESB) and the ISDA North American Gas Annex. We have assisted clients in negotiating and finalizing contracts with the counterparties listed below:

  • Altagas Energy Limited Partnership
  • Apache
  • BG Energy Merchants Canada, Ltd.
  • BP Canada Energy Company
  • Cargill Ltd.
  • Castleton Commodities
  • CIBC
  • Conoco Phillips Canada Ltd.
  • Direct Energy Marketing Ltd.
  • DTE Energy Trading, Inc.
  • EDF Trading North America
  • Emera Energy Inc.
  • EQT Energy, LLC
  • Freepoint Commodities LLC
  • Gibson Energy Partnership
  • Husky Energy Marketing Inc.
  • Koch Canada Energy Services, LP
  • Mercuria Commodities Canada Corporation
  • NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC
  • PetroChina
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Shell Energy North America (Canada) Inc.
  • TD Energy Trading Inc.
  • Tenaska Marketing Canada, a div. of TMV Corp.
  • Tidal Energy Marketing Inc.
  • TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp.
  • Twin Eagle Resource Management Canada, LLC

Our clients also count on us to assist them with negotiating any credit-related issues, including credit annexes and forms of performance security (e.g. guarantees).


  • Gas purchasing for multiple sites and multiple customers

    We assist client-buying groups purchasing gas on behalf of multiple parties, and large clients purchasing gas for multiple sites throughout Canada. We have reviewed and provided advice on the following types of contracts:
    • Natural Gas Supply Agreement with Connect Energy
    • Block Purchase Option with Access Gas Services Inc.
    • Energy Management Services Agreements with various third-party gas consultants
    • Energy Services Agreement Natural Gas Block Plan with Enmax
    • Energy Purchase Agreement with ATCO Energy Ltd.
    • Natural Gas Appointment and Retainer Agreement with various buying groups
    • Agency agreements
  • Gas transportation agreements

    We have also reviewed and assisted with:
    • Transportation Agreement with Fortis
    • Standard Transportation, Storage, HUB Contracts with Enbridge and Assignment Documents
    • Various Transportation, Storage and Assignment Agreements with TransCanada (TC Energy)
    • Various Agreements with TransGas Ltd.
  • Permits and approvals

    • We assist trading entities with getting established in the Canadian market, including incorporating the entities involved and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from the Canada Energy Regulator for exports of gas. We also provide these trading entities with tax structuring, commodity tax and IT advice. Additionally, we advise clients in respect of provincial approvals for gas trading/selling and any associated reporting requirements.

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