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The development of new competitive storage technologies that can be used to assist in integrating renewable resources or, more generally, as behind-the-meter facilities present unique regulatory and commercial challenges and opportunities for developers, utilities, electricity system operators, regulators and consumers.

You need a law firm that can help you navigate the emerging commercial and regulatory landscape for electricity storage.

BLG’s Electricity Markets group works closely with developers, consumers, utilities, system operators such as the AESO and IESO, regulators and policy makers, Indigenous governments and organizations across Canada, and is well-positioned to assist you in your specific storage needs.

Using our vast experience in power generation, renewable energy, transmission and distribution, we help our storage clients negotiate and close commercial transactions for utility-scale storage, behind-the-meter storage and hybrid projects. Our decades of experience serving large industrial clients helps our storage clients successfully create commercial partnerships for behind-the-meter applications, creating a win-win for parties on both sides of the deal.

We work with all types of storage technologies, including:

  • pumped hydroelectric
  • compressed air
  • flywheels
  • batteries

The vast experience of our energy commercial and regulatory lawyers provides profitable deal structures for clients and their counterparties.


  • EPCOR Utilities Inc. on the approval of an onsite solar generating plant and battery storage at one of its water treatment plants in the Edmonton River Valley.
  • Worked with a large industrial client to procure a behind-the-meter energy storage system.
  • Worked with a developer on a large-scale pumped storage project.
  • Negotiating commercial agreements and equity arrangements on behalf of industrial load customers and utilities for behind-the-meter battery storage facilities.
  • Draft and negotiate leases, proposals and storage agreements for commercial storage companies, industrial clients and utilities to implement large commercial battery installations for peak shaving and grid stabilization schemes.
  • Provided regulatory advice to clients in respect of permits and approvals for storage facilities.

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