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Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can be as simple or complex as their source—from standard one-page agreements to complex multi-party contracts. It’s key to have a trusted team of advocates who can protect your interests in drafting, interpretation, enforcement and—if necessary—mediation or litigation in the event of a dispute.

Our collaborative, multidisciplinary team can help with a range of issues, including:

  • drafting and review
  • offer and acceptance
  • contract formation and validity
  • breach of contract
  • misrepresentation
  • failure to perform
  • cancellation and termination
  • remedies  

Our team is skilled in all areas of contract disputes, including:

  • corporate commercial
  • construction
  • infrastructure
  • labour and employment
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • banking
  • securities
  • real estate
  • intellectual property
  • estates and trusts
  • franchise and distribution
  • procurement
  • transportation
  • retail and hospitality
  • real estate
  • international trade

Our litigators are experienced in the Canadian civil and criminal courts—including the Supreme Court of Canada—and before regulatory and administrative tribunals.

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