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New general counsel focuses on driving change in his first year

Client industry:

Financial Services

Client location:


Consulting services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Legal Operations
  • Process Improvement
  • Identifying and tracking KPIs
  • Reporting

Client challenge

When a new general counsel needed to demonstrate the value of the legal department to the CEO and address the results of a stakeholder survey, he turned to BLG Beyond Consulting for help. The gaps were clear: no formal intake or workflow process, no quantitative understanding of work volumes, no overall visibility to priority requests, and no tangible key performance metrics. He needed a plan for his first year, including a roadmap for improvements, and a way to sell it to the top.

Our approach

In order to improve the legal department’s efficiency and service, BLG Beyond Consulting worked with the client to:

  • Identify industry-leading practices and prioritize key areas to address
  • Develop a strategic roadmap with actionable deliverables to address priority issues in their legal operations
  • Increase role clarity, align responsibilities, and optimize span of control by adjusting the organization’s structure
  • Define intake processes and corresponding system requirements to track work requests and report on work queues and volumes
  • Implement a legal intake and workflow system to enable consistent intake and reporting, and provide a performance dashboard to report on KPIs that support legal operations
  • Understand the team’s volume of work and manage priorities through KPIs
  • Support change management and adoption of the new software for the legal team and business users
  • Coach staff regarding legal operations on an ongoing basis

Client results

With new processes and systems in place, the general counsel can track meaningful metrics, make data-driven decisions and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of his team – successfully navigating the challenges of change and enhancing his credibility with executives.

He now has total visibility of work volumes, upcoming key milestones, and turnaround times, and can reallocate work based on capacity models and relevant KPIs.

Best of all, he has the tools and understanding to convey the value of these approaches – including how they support overarching business priorities – ensuring ongoing support for his continuous improvement efforts.

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