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The Professionalism Series

November 16-30, 2020

1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Dates include:
-November 16, 1h15-2h15 p.m. EST
-November 23, 1h15-2h15 p.m. EST
-November 30, 1h15-2h15 p.m. EST

The Law Society of Ontario’s Final Report of the Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group recognizes the importance of fostering an increased understanding about diversity and improving the cultural competence of legal professionals. In this three-part program, Anthony N. Morgan, Racial Justice Lawyer, Speaker and Thought Leader, will help attendees:

  • increase their knowledge of the history and contemporary realities of anti-Black racism in society
  • deepen their understanding of how anti-Black racism manifests itself in Canadian life, law and policies
  • expand their awareness of how this context impacts Black law students and legal professionals
  • identify and increase their familiarity with tools and opportunities that legal professionals can use to be more inclusive of Black legal professionals and members of the Black community

Part 1: Unpacking Racism in the Legal Profession | November 16

Anthony will use the experiences of Black people with the legal profession to explore ways in which we can generate a culture change that would enhance a sense of belonging and create conditions more conducive for the success of Black legal professionals. Examples of the different ways that racism can manifest itself within the legal profession will also be explored.

Part 2: Unlocking Change – Creating & Maintaining Anti-racist Learning | November 23

Through deeper reflection and discussion, Anthony will engage attendees by considering common scenarios in the workplace and legal profession, including individual and systemic racism, micro-aggressions, unconscious bias, as well as the socio-systemic impacts of anti-Black racism. Methods of creating and maintaining an intersectional anti-racist learning and working environment will be explored to help facilitate change within and among individuals, both inside organizations and the broader legal profession.

Part 3: Fireside Chat – Increasing Representation, Removing Barriers, and Promoting Inclusion | November 30

Tamara Tomomitsu, Chair of BLG’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, will lead a discussion with Anthony to further explore practical ways that legal professionals can help to move toward ending anti-Black systemic racism and creating inclusive opportunities for Black peers and colleagues in the legal profession and within the broader community.

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