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Canadian blind pools heat up the market: SPACs, CPCs and G-Corps

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, BLG’s lawyers discussed options for U.S. investors and business leaders who are interested in investing or raising capital in Canada.

Melinda Park, a partner in the firm’s Securities & Capital Markets group, moderated the session, “What U.S. players need to know about Canadian SPACs and CPCs.” Partner Manoj Pundit and Senior Associate Scott Robson, also from the Securities & Capital Markets group, joined Melinda in the engaging discussion.

During the 20-minute conversation, the panel explained the Canadian blind pool concept and its history, how special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) fit within the Canadian market, and the new G-Corp – a 12-month pilot program that is a hybrid of the SPAC and capital pool company (CPC).

What you need to know:

  • There has been significant increased interest in SPACs lately in North America, due in part to social media influence and the emergence of the “Reddit investor
  • The concept of the blind pool has evolved. The CPC and SPAC programs have been in place for several years.
  • While a significant percentage of growth and early stage companies go public through the CPC program, there has been a substantial surge in companies choosing to go public through an initial public offering (IPO).
  • G-Corp is the new kid on the block. Though it combines aspects of a SPAC and a CPC, it targets a more specific market – mainly midmarket, high-growth companies in the tech space.
  • Canada’s mature and robust market offers a strong and balanced regulatory framework and the flexibility to find the market structure that works for a company at any stage.

Watch the video from our LinkedIn Live session to learn more about the various means and ways of investing and raising capital in Canada. If you would like more information about anything discussed in the session, reach out to any of the key contacts below.

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