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Privacy Regulators' Investigations

An investigation by privacy regulators can have a severe impact on your organization’s reputation, especially if followed by a breach of security that has been reported by the media. Regulators may request that you modify your business practices, issue fines and, as allowed by some provincial laws (such as the Québec private sector law), engage the liability of your directors and officers.

Our professionals have comprehensive experience in privacy matters and are highly regarded by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and provincial privacy regulators across the country. We work with you and the privacy regulator to define the scope of the investigation, give advice on the required documents/statements, liaise with the regulators, and negotiate the legal scope and issues and/or compliance agreements for a positive outcome.

We have developed strong ties and trust with privacy commissioners and their investigators. They know that our clients will be well advised on the business and compliance issues under investigation. Having managed many high-profile investigations in recent years, we know and can anticipate regulators’ questions and concerns. We are frequently successful in obtaining early closure or settlement of regulatory investigations. Our strong presence in Québec provides added value to clients affected by a nationwide privacy complaint or cybersecurity incident, as the province has, to some extent, the most stringent privacy and data security framework in Canada.

We also have experience in managing communications with national security agencies, law enforcement and other public authorities. We regularly advise clients on strategic positions to limit liability exposure and reputational damage, and to avoid extensive investigations.

We assist companies that process a high volume of personal information or that deal with sensitive information. We advise clients from a variety of industries, including:

  • financial services
  • technology
  • online service providers
  • retail
  • media and entertainment
  • pharma and health service providers


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