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Governance, Funding & Accountability

It’s essential to have a team of legal specialists who can advise health care providers on developing comprehensive governance, accountability and funding frameworks.

Our team of specialists advises boards of directors, board committees and management on governance by combining governance and accountability frameworks.

We have been involved in many governance-renewal processes for health care providers and foundations. We have an extensive library of state-of-the-art governance and accountability templates, which gets updated regularly.

Our lawyers are the principal co-authors of several publications, including for the Ontario Hospital Association, which are recognized as setting best practice standards:

  • Guide to Good Governance
  • Guide to Good Governance: Not-for-Profit and Charitable Organizations
  • Prototype Corporate By-law (for Ontario hospitals)
  • Prototype Professional Staff By-law (for Ontario hospitals)
  • LHIN/Health Service Provider Governance Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives

We understand the structure in which health care providers must operate and their unique commercial agreements. This includes:

  • the Hospital Service Accountability Agreement
  • the Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement
  • the Long-Term Care Home Service Accountability Agreement

Our diverse range of clients includes:

  • public hospitals
  • research institutions
  • hospital foundations
  • public healthcare organizations
  • other not-for-profit and charitable institutions
  • other health service providers
We also lead board retreats and education sessions, such as informing boards on the implications of The People’s Health Care Act.


  • Provided legal support to hospitals and to regional service corporations in regard to the sharing and regionalization of services such as food services, linen services, laboratory services and back-office services.
  • Have completed by-law reviews for numerous health service provider organizations for over 25 hospitals in Ontario alone.
  • Have drafted and reviewed Hospital Corporate and Medical/Professional Staff By-laws to ensure their compliance with the Public Hospitals Act and other relevant legislation.
  • Have incorporated charities, foundations, research institutes and not-for-profit organizations affiliated with hospitals or other health-related organizations, and provided ongoing advice with respect to governance and operation.
  • Advised health service providers on accountability agreements, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, joint ventures, partnership agreements, membership agreements, affiliation agreements, service level agreements, outsourcing agreements and government relations.


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