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Health Care Integration & Transformation

Health systems are complex and ever-evolving. It’s key to have a specialized team of advisors who can help navigate all stages of integration and transformation. 

It’s increasingly important in the current economic, regulatory and political environment for health care providers to integrate and transform operations, programs and services. We have helped amalgamate health care institutions since 1996. We develop tailored work plans that consider all aspects of integration, including asset transfers and duo and multi-site statutory amalgamations.

We understand that integration and transformation goes beyond mergers and amalgamations. Our significant experience with other integrations includes:

  • program and service transfers
  • shared services arrangements
  • alliances and networks
  • integration between cross-sector institutions
  • partnering to deliver programs and services
  • addressing issues that may arise post-integration or post-transformation

We go beyond drafting agreements and conducting due diligence to developing comprehensive work plans that consider all aspects of integration and transformation, including potential post-integration implementation issues.

Institutional change affects people first, and our team is sensitive to the impacts on professional staff and human resource considerations, the community at large, fundraising initiatives and foundations.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory frameworks, requirements and expectations of the provincial ministries of health and the provincial offices of the Public Guardian and Trustee.


  • Numerous hospital amalgamations including multi-site amalgamations, asset transfers, statutory amalgamations and implementation of Special Act amalgamations
  • Amalgamation of Foundations and Volunteers/Auxiliaries
  • Transfer of special service program between hospitals
  • Creation of not for profit shared service corporations for supply chain management, procurement and diagnostic imaging services
  • Transfer of hospital "sites" form one hospital to another
  • Laboratory service partnership between a hospital and a private sector partner
  • Creation of an alliance framework between 2 hospitals to create a structure for program and service integration and collaboration
  • Establishing health service networks

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