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Workplace Harassment

The 21st century workplace requires respect and equal opportunity to achieve business goals. Our skilled team of advisors and advocates can assist with a full range of legal and organizational issues to address harassment and #MeToo-related claims, from prevention to representation in arbitrations and lawsuits. 

Our team’s significant experience and knowledge of the legal and organizational issues related to workplace harassment can help you anticipate and manage a range of issues.  

We advise organizations in the following areas relating to workplace harassment:

  • prevention, including assisting your team in identifying sector-specific risks and adopting appropriate policies
  • training, including interactive and tailored organization-wide training for your employees, as well as training for managers and executives
  • crisis management, including providing immediate and effective psychological and reputational support
  • investigations, including helping to determine the appropriate parties (inside or outside your organization) to conduct a harassment-related inquiry
  • implementing recommendations, including determining the best way to anticipate and address triggering factors, and achieve concrete solutions
  • representation in arbitrations and lawsuits,including appearing before different courts and tribunals to represent the interests of organizations involved in disputes involving harassment allegations

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