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Autonomous Vehicles

It is anticipated that multiple industry sectors will face substantial issues – more significant than many might think. Industries such as manufacturing, technology, transport, logistics, insurance, health, municipal planning, infrastructure, and hospitality will all be impacted, economically and operationally. So too, the legal and regulatory frameworks on which business and our society are based will have to anticipate the magnitude of change, prepare for, and adjust accordingly.

Marshaling studies and opinions from a variety of third-party sources, this report delves into the impact of autonomous vehicles. It discusses the technology, identifies the issues, defines the sectors of the economy most likely to be affected, and explores possible implications.

It is our hope that this report will enhance your understanding of how autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionize transport, and with it, alter our industries, economy and society. Specifically, we trust it will enable you to proactively approach the issues affecting your industry sector in a more knowledgeable way.

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