Insurance Claim Defence

Insurance Claim Defence

Insurers in Canada are facing increasing numbers of claims and litigations. Each case is unique, requiring new approaches not only to succeed, but to build your reputation as an organization that will vigorously defend each and every claim.
Our more than 125 professionals across Canada deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to insurance claims and litigation. We have in-depth knowledge of insurance law and an exceptional understanding of the subtle nuances and intricacies that make each matter unique. We apply critical, collaborative thinking and creative approaches to settle claims on your terms.

We serve many of the largest national and global insurers, reinsurers and reciprocals, as well as:

  • brokerage firms
  • companies carrying significant self-insured retentions
  • adjusting firms
  • insurance regulatory bodies

Our lawyers can help you defend complex insurance claims—including class actions—and we litigate at every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

We can help you:

  • define insurance objectives
  • draft policy wording
  • confirm necessary coverage
  • prosecute subrogated claims
  • navigate negotiations, mediations and arbitrations


  • Clients in claims involving rail carriers and property damage, cargo and business losses, delay, and the applicability of rail tariffs.
  • Clients in regulatory investigations and civil proceedings including groundings, allisions, collisions and pollution incidents. We act on minor casualties and complex matters involving pollution, general average, salvage and limitation of liability issues.
  • Ship owners, ship managers, cruise lines and steamship lines in personal injury claims by crew members, cruise line passengers and others at all levels of courts and tribunals.
  • Clients in actions involving allegations of pilot error, manufacturing and/or fabrication defects, design errors and maintenance
  • Provide insurance coverage advice on aviation policies.
  • Provide defence advice for aviation directors & officers (D&O) claims.
  • Defend cross-border class actions regarding the fixing of cargo and passenger surcharges.
  • Defend class actions against airports related to noise and pollution.
  • Aviation clients on subrogated hull and property actions.
  • Defend complex cross-border fatality aviation claims.


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