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Consumer Goods

The consumer goods field is highly competitive. It’s essential to have a team with expertise in the sector’s legal and regulatory issues to advocate for you and protect your interests.

Our multidisciplinary team offers a comprehensive list of services and areas of expertise. This includes:

  • expansion
  • procurement rules and documents
  • labelling and packaging
  • online presence and advertising
  • importing products
  • real estate

Our work in commercial real estate includes:

  • purchasing, selling and developing retail, office and distribution centre sites, including sale/leaseback transactions
  • negotiating, preparing and reviewing all leasing documentation
  • licensing and subleasing portions of sites to other users
  • advising on landlord disputes
  • reviewing client precedent leasing documentation and advising on changes resulting from new legislation or case law

We are involved in all aspects of competition law, including making representations to the Competition Bureau and Competition Tribunal on:

  • trade practices and advertising
  • pricing, marketing and distribution policies
  • compliance advice
  • advertising, promotional contests, pricing, marketing and distribution practices

We specialize in all manner of customs compliance issues and claims made under the Occupiers’ Liability Act. We also specialize in issues related to labelling and packaging in a range of products.

Our diverse range of clients includes manufacturers of:

  • large outdoor equipment
  • cars
  • toys
  • food and beverage
  • drugs, natural health products and medical devices
  • power sport equipment
  • household goods
  • apparel

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