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In incidents of fraud, it’s crucial to have a skilled legal team who can quickly assess the situation, ensure your company and clients are protected, maximize recovery for your losses and enact targeted plans to prevent future occurrences.
Our multidisciplinary team provides local, national and international support for fraud litigation, investigation and advice on prevention. 

We can advise on civil fraud recovery and pursuit, including:

  • Mareva injunctions
  • Anton Piller orders
  • Norwich Pharmacal orders
  • executing judgements
  • enforcing foreign judgements
  • international asset tracing
  • piracy and breach of copyright
  • criminal compensation orders

For loss prevention, defense and tracing in banking, we offer counsel on:

  • bills of exchange issues and Canadian Payment Association Clearing Rules disputes
  • account operating agreements and banking operation systems designs to reduce fraud and fraud-related losses, including internet banking and e-commerce issues
  • broker liability claims
  • securities fraud claims
  • money laundering issues
  • regulatory compliance advice

For employee theft and breach of trust, we can advise on:

  • surveillance and investigation
  • corporate security issues
  • dismissal for cause
  • embezzlement and secret commission schemes
  • corporate espionage and theft of corporate opportunity
  • fidelity bonding coverage advice and policy design

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