Investigations & White Collar Defence

It’s key to have a collaborative, vigilant legal team who can prevent and respond to the complex, multifaceted issues facing businesses, officers, directors and senior executives in white-collar investigations and prosecutions.

Our peerless team has been integral to many of the most significant corporate investigations and prosecutions in Canadian history. We seamlessly guide our clients through all phases of an investigation, beginning with the execution of search warrants, production orders or documentary summonses, through to the hearing and sanction phases of administrative or court proceedings.

Our practice encompasses all areas of white-collar defence work, including investigations and prosecutions related to:

  • securities, financial and accounting fraud
  • bribery
  • money laundering
  • price fixing
  • cybercrime
  • privacy issues
  • deceptive marketing
  • illegal insider trading
  • market manipulation

We also provide clients with risk assessment, compliance reviews and training to address integrity gaps.

Our wide spectrum of clients includes some of the world’s leading public and private companies. We offer advice and advocacy to private clients, individuals and multinational corporations across a broad range of sectors, including:

  • financial services
  • health care
  • construction
  • energy
  • mining


  • Conducted an internal investigation for a multi-national construction service provider regarding allegations of employee fraud and kickbacks.
  • Represented a Canadian bank-owned securities dealer in an internal investigation and regulatory investigation into the collapse of assetbacked commercial paper market.
  • Conducted an internal investigation for a public sector institution regarding alleged conflicts of interest and misuse of public funds.
  • Represented a UK-based national charged with bribery under the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA), in a landmark prosecution under Canada’s anti-bribery statute.
  • Represented a major Canadian investment dealer in a regulatory prosecution under the Pension Benefits Act.
  • Represented a large municipality in various regulatory prosecutions.
  • Acted for an intervenor before the Supreme Court of Canada in World Bank Group v. Wallace, which pertained to compelled third party production in a CFPOA prosecution.
  • Defended a client in a Canadian Competition Bureau investigation concerning alleged price fixing in the Québec retail gas sector.
    Special counsel to the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada in relation to market manipulation proceedings.
  • Represented senior executives of a major Canadian technology company during an internal investigation, regulatory investigation and regulatory proceedings in relation to options back-dating allegations.
  • Represented Canadian bank-owned securities dealer in an internal investigation and subsequent OSC no-contest settlement regarding allegations of control and supervision inadequacies in respect of customer fees.
  • Defending a Schedule I bank in a proceeding brought against it by a commercial customer pertaining to a multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by the customer’s bookkeeper.
  • Counsel to an individual in a high profile investigation for alleged tax evasion arising out of the Panama Papers.
  • R. v. Barra and Govindia - acting for an individual charged under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.
  • Acting for a travel insurance underwriter in a contract dispute with its claims administrator.
  • Represented an investment dealer in a regulatory prosecution under the Pension Benefits Act.
  • In the Matter of Home Capital Group Inc. et al. – acted for the former CFO of Home Capital Group in Ontario Securities Commission enforcement proceedings and related class action proceedings.
  • Represented the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) in relation to customer claims brought as a result of the collapse of First Leaside Securities Inc.
  • Acted for the Canadian subsidiary of a multinational aluminum producer in an action to recover funds misappropriated by a former employee.
  • Acted for a commercial wind farm in a dispute with adjacent landowners.
  • Acted forHollinger, RIM, and Nortel, as well as landmark bribery (R. v. Barra and Govindia, Katanga Mining, Griffiths Energy and Nordion) and illegal insider trading prosecutions (e.g. the 2015 OSC prosecution of Davies partner Mitchell Finkelstein and others).

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