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Charities & Not-For-Profit

With layers of regulations and an evolving landscape, charities and not-for-profits encounter a variety of legal challenges. Organizations want advisors who understand their operations and context, and have the specialized legal expertise to help the organization achieve its objectives and mitigate risks. Charities and not-for-profits face opportunities and challenges in many areas of the law, including corporate, governance, tax, labour and employment, intellectual property and real estate.
Our team understands the regulatory framework charities and not-for-profits must navigate, as well as the opportunities and challenges that charitable organizations face. We have extensive experience working with the sector from a business and volunteer perspective. Our significant roster of charitable and not-for-profit clients depend on us for business and legal advice, including advising on the latest laws and practices. Several members of our team hold leadership positions within industry and trade associations, as well as positions on boards of charities, including hospitals, universities and colleges.

Our team works closely with you to:

  • assist with incorporating and organizing
  • obtain and retain charitable status
  • assist with charitable gifts, funding and grants
  • structure revenue generation activities in an appropriate way
  • restructure or reorganize
  • merge, combine and collaborate with others
  • think and act strategically
  • assist with integrations
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • obtain continuances under new corporate legislation or between jurisdictions
  • manage board governance issues
  • train boards and committees
  • establish endowments
  • manage fundraising issues
  • conduct risk assessments and manage risks
  • combine operations
  • conduct corporate reviews
  • purchase and lease real estate
  • manage HR and related issues
  • deal with branding and licensing


  • We have assisted charities and not-for-profits with:
    • Incorporation
    • Obtaining and retaining charitable status
    • Continuance under new corporate legislation
    • Board governance issues
    • Endowments
    • Fundraising issues
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Combining operations
    • Corporate review
    • Purchase and lease of real estate


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