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Municipal Liability

Municipalities have unique issues, diverse personalities and distinct social, economic and environmental drivers. A broad, one-size-fits-all approach to addressing municipal disputes won’t work in today’s dynamic environment. Specialized advocacy, a collaborative mindset, a deep understanding of the issues and a sharp focus on innovation are key.

We have defended thousands of claims against municipalities and currently have over 1,000 active

municipal defence files. We understand that some claims can have wide-ranging social, policy and financial impacts, and we offer collaborative, innovative strategies to help municipalities best respond.

We have extensive experience at all levels of court and with all forms of dispute resolution. Our more than 20 professionals have extensive trial and appellate experience defending regional and local-tier municipalities. We have experience representing municipalities at coroner’s inquests, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, the Licence Appeal Tribunal and other administrative tribunals.

We advocate for municipalities across a broad range claims, including:


  • personal injury, ranging from
  •  minor to catastrophic
  • municipal sidewalks and roadways
  • accidents on other municipal property
  • motor vehicle accidents involving municipal vehicle
  • police services and/or police officers
  • negligent building inspection
  • fire and ambulance
  • infrastructure
  • municipal governance and operations
  • municipal licensing
  • environmental liability
  • employment
  • contractual
  • harassment
  • long-term care facilities


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