Guillaume Talbot-Lachance


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Guillaume is a skilled regulatory commercial lawyer. He advises his clients on consumer law matters and complex legal issues relating to financial services, financial institution regulation, fintech, credit, and payment cards and mechanisms.

He also helps clients develop and adapt their business practices, including by reviewing marketing conditions for their products and services, their advertising campaigns and loyalty programs. When needed, he assists clients with e-commerce issues and drafts and revises terms of use and sale. He also guides clients in their dealings with regulators. Guillaume has considerable experience in cybersecurity risk and incident management, privacy and regulatory investigations.

Guillaume also served as a specialist in the defence of various consumer law and privacy class actions, some of them multi-jurisdictional. Always interested in new and emerging technologies, he has often been asked to develop new products and services for businesses and individuals in regulated industries and has prepared many complex commercial contracts. Guillaume was one of the lawyers responsible for coordinating the response to one of the most important data breaches in Canada. He is known for his strong communication skills and has more than ten years of experience in the legal department of one of the country’s largest financial institutions. His clients appreciate his ability to understand the realities of their business.


  • Guiding multiple Canadian and foreign banks, investment management firms, brokers, trust corporations, insurers, and other businesses on implementing Québec French language requirements (Bill-96 - Charter of the French Language) and its implications on contracts, client relationships, marketing materials, websites, and more.
  • Assisting a multiple clients in dealing with complaints filed with an investigation from the Office Québécois de la langue française.
  • Providing advice to stakeholders in the payment industry regarding the Retail Payment Activities Act and the upcoming new requirements under the Bank of Canada's supervisory framework.
  • Preparing an incident management plan for a large Québec-based corporation.
  • Providing guidance to several large Canadian financial institutions on the Québec Act concerning the remittance of deposits of money to account co-holders who are spouses or former spouses, updating banking agreements, and preparing client-focused materials accordingly.
  • Advising payment industry stakeholders in the development and launch of new products and services, including innovative instalment payment products in Canada, including on consumer protection and credit regulation.
  • Advising a financial institution on implementing non-insured benefit plans in compliance with insurance law requirements.
  • Counseling a Canadian corporation on Québec mortgage brokerage rules and providing assistance and advice in obtaining the necessary license.
  • Instructing a Canadian financial institution on Québec law and consumer protection in the context of a class action involving consumer loan agreements.
  • Advising a multinational corporation on the requirements and licenses necessary for operating as an insurer and insurer representative in Canada.
  • Assisting a large financial institution in implementing legal requirements related to debt collection and automated phone calls in Canada.
  • Supporting a start-up and a prominent Canadian corporation in amending their customer rewards program and preparing relevant materials.
  • Offering advice to a Québec public authority on the rules governing retirement regimes.
  • Assisting a Canadian bank and other parties in navigating the requirements set forth in OSFI's Guideline B-10 on Third-Party Risk Management, and aiding in the preparation of contractual agreements in accordance with these requirements.
  • Assisting a leading Canadian retailer in negotiating a new agreement with a payment service provider.
  • Advising a major Canadian bank on its loan contracts and guarantee contracts, in the context of Québec civil law and consumer protection requirements.
  • Guiding an affiliate of a foreign bank on the requirements and limitations applicable under the Bank Act for conducting business in Canada.
  • Advising a global company on adjusting its terms and conditions to comply with Canadian consumer protection laws and preparing corresponding amendments.
  • Advising a prominent Canadian public corporation on the Official Languages Act.
  • Providing counsel to a large Canadian financial institution on unclaimed property rules in Canada.
  • Advising a prominent Canadian financial institution on Canadian Insurance Deposit rules and requirements, and preparing customer documentation accordingly.
  • Assisting a multi-national corporation in obtaining a money-services business licence.

Beyond Our Walls

Professional Involvement

  • Lecturer, Contract and Business Law, Faculty of Political Science and Law, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)

Bar Admission & Education

  • Québec, 2009
  • Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation, Global Risk Management Institute, 2021
  • LLM, Université Laval, 2010
  • LLB, Université Laval, 2007