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Products Law

Whether you design, manufacture, distribute or sell a product in Canada or you represent a client that does, you need Canada’s products law firm. We offer strategic, actionable, high value advice for every point in the product lifecycle from the first spark of genius, through regulatory compliance to the potential of a product recall. And if a product liability case goes to court, you can breathe easier knowing our products law litigators have been successful in some of the highest profile proceedings in Canada.

Canada’s business environments may be deceptively similar to our U.S. neighbours but, as they say, the devil is in the details. The world's leading brands trust BLG to defend their products.

We are Canada’s only truly national product liability law and product regulation law firm, with more than 700 lawyers in five offices across the country, including Montréal. This offers a distinct advantage in an officially bilingual country with strict laws regarding product labelling and advertising and provincial differences in both regulations and culture.

We find innovative ways to create efficiencies, cut costs and eliminate waste, including right-sizing our teams, embracing technology, and developing specialized expertise in areas such as:

  • Consumer products
  • Automotive
  • Recreational products and vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial equipment and manufacturing
  • Electronics and software
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Electric bicycles and e-scooters
  • Children's toys and products
  • Aviation


  • Defending original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and others in the automotive industry in personal injury actions and property damage claims alleging defective manufacture/design and failure to warn, as well as in class actions involving claims related to alleged product defects and vehicle emissions.
  • Advising on regulatory compliance with respect to motor vehicles, vaping products, residential oil tanks, consumer recreational products, consumer health and beauty products and medical devices.
  • Advising on labelling requirements for medical devices, consumer dental products and recreational and children’s products.
  • Reviewing and advising on supply chain issues, including adherence to best practices for ESG.
  • Advising the global aviation industry on Canadian regulations and risk assessments, and defending aviation stakeholders following catastrophic losses.
  • Defending world-wide leading RV companies against claims arising from allegations of defective manufacture, design and failure to warn.
  • Defending client against a damages claim exceeding $100 million related to alleged failures of a passive fire protection coating that was applied to steel beams overseas and then supplied to a domestic oil sands project.
  • Defending a manufacturer against allegations regarding defectively manufactured globe valves that seized and resulted in the delivery of off-specification gas to a pipeline.
  • Defending motorcycle manufacturers in multiple jurisdictions against allegations of defective manufacture, design and failure to warn.

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