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BLG Talks Transportation series: Supply chain – Hot Topics and What’s Next

Supply Chain – Hot Topics and What’s Next

BLG Talks Transportation is a new series of quarterly webinars in which we will discuss issues affecting the transportation industry.

The events of this past year highlighted how susceptible the transportation industry is to disruptions. Nationally and globally, the industry pivoted to meet these disruptions and challenges head on. How will these efforts play out in 2021, and how can organizations prepare for the new age?

In our inaugural session, our panel of industry players and legal professionals will discuss:

  • Supply chain risk management in 2021 and beyond;
  • Redistribution or re-consideration of risk between vendors and carriers;
  • Political tensions: the relationship between China and the west; and
  • Key trends in trade regulation in an era of trade nationalism.

Watch the webinar below.

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