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Top Innovative Industries Shaping the Canadian Economy

Canada is competing against the world in the race to drive innovation. The stakes are high: industry innovation leads to a stronger economy, better jobs and a higher standard of living.

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Smart Cities

Sixty per cent of the world’s population will soon call a city home. How will technology help make urban areas more liveable for all – and what are the associated risks?

Kevin McGivney | [email protected]


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In our data-driven era, how much cybersecurity is enough? We look at that question and more.

Ira Nishisato [email protected]


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Internet of Things

As this network of smart devices reaches into every area of our lives, privacy and consent issues are taking on more urgency. The article spotlights some of the greatest legal and business challenges.

Éloïse Gratton | [email protected]


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The massive transformation underway in the global financial sector is only getting started. We share our thoughts on ways to foster fintech here in Canada.

Stephen Redican [email protected]


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When the Bank of Canada is looking at creating a cryptocurrency, you know digital cash is no longer on the financial fringe. Here’s a snapshot of the industry, regulatory landscape and opportunities.

Jason Brooks [email protected]
Carol Derk [email protected]


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As new and better technology drives costs down, this country’s green energy sector seems poised for expansion. We consider whether a changing policy environment might mean a scaled-back future instead.

Shane Freitag [email protected]

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While Canada’s cannabis companies await a more established regulatory framework for marketing their product, they’re busy using technology to optimize the way they grow it. We explain how that’s leading to innovation breakthroughs – and the potential for revenuegenerating patents.

David Wood [email protected]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are no longer science fiction. As they take to the road in increasing numbers, find out about a few of the most pressing issues.

Robert Love [email protected]