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Creating Opportunity and Value – M&A at BLG

Guiding you through complexity

BLG can help you navigate the complex mergers and acquisitions landscape in Canada and beyond. Backed by a team with cross-sector legal expertise in negotiating and executing private and public M&A transactions, we help our clients mitigate risk and seize opportunity.

Specialized industry expertise

We know how critical it is to work with a legal partner who knows the nuances and specifics of your industry. From both a negotiation and due diligence perspective, it can be what makes or breaks a deal. Our depth of expertise is matched only by the breadth of topics and industries where we have a proven track record of success.

Financial Services

Anticipating challenges to growth

Digital transformation is a key theme in the financial services sector, with M&A activity being driven by the widening array of choices for consumers and an unprecedented number of innovative market entrants. From payment companies to digital assets and everything in between, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to ensure successful transactions.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Access to inexpensive acquisition capital creates opportunities for new investment opportunities in Canada

Inexpensive acquisition capital, low interest rates and increased market participation has led to a competitive environment for acquisition opportunities in Canada. Large PE firms in Canada and internationally are continuing to show strong interest in mid-market Canadian businesses, particularly those that are resilient or represent a business opportunity in the context of current COVID risks.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Collaborating to deliver strong outcomes

M&A in the healthcare and life sciences space is being driven by technology-based solutions, which is now expected in all areas. Well-financed aggregators continue to enter the Canadian market and implement roll-up strategies across healthcare, including sub sectors such as dentistry, veterinary, and independent health facilities. Changes in the regulatory environment have also created new opportunities for collaborations, integrations and M&A activity across the sector – specifically in the area of long-term care.


Simplifying the complex

Recent global shifts have re-aligned businesses’ operating priorities, with a greater demand for technology to conduct business faster, at greater scale, and with a remote workforce. M&A deal making in the technology sector has surged as solution providers acquire talent and technology to meet those demands, and users of technology acquire, divest and rationalize their assets to gain or maintain a competitive edge in rapidly changing landscapes.

Agribusiness & Cannabis

Applying innovation to adapt to evolving requirements

M&A activity remains strong among cannabis companies that have access to cash or capital due to strong valuations, allowing certain players to rapidly gain ground in new markets or get ahead of their competition in profitability or productivity. In the similarly fragmented agribusiness industry, many companies are focusing on portfolio diversification, technology and growth via acquisition after a strong year.

Energy and Resources

Fueling the future with deep expertise

Despite ongoing challenges, consolidation and strategic acquisitions was a theme across the energy sector in 2021. We expect this trend to continue into 2022 as companies look to achieve economies of scale, reduce operating costs and integrate the value chain. Other trends include energy transition with a focus on clean energy and renewables, as well as increased importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies.

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