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Transform Your Business for Success with Beyond IP Strategy


Intellectual property
assets are


Intangible assets account
for up to 90% of many
companies’ total assets


Wise investment in an IP
strategy is essential to
business success

Beyond IP Strategy helps companies navigate and leverage IP by providing value-driven, proactive programs that are co-created to reduce business risk and support strategic growth, while increasing cost certainty and peace of mind.

Applying a business consulting approach to IP issues, we combine design thinking principles with IP data and analytics to build your strategy.


Based on how your company defines value, we help to develop and execute a plan and a budget for IP investment that supports and drives business success and reduces manageable business risk.


We help you build a framework and culture that ensures your regular and intentional IP investments support current and future growth areas and remain strategic, and increases cost certainty.


Our experts work together with you to co-create an IP strategy that aligns with your success metrics to produce value, confidence in decision making, and peace of mind.

Our service offerings

  • Beyond IP Strategy provides a suite of integrated services and access to a team of experts, without having to build or expand an in-house IP function.
  • Our programs and services:
    • Are designed in levels to fit the needs of companies at different stages of IP and company maturity.
    • Are offered with a fixed fee, and include specific offerings as well as a bank of additional hours of IP strategy services.
    • Offer expert strategic business-focused advice, and co-development of an IP strategy, with regular review of implementation.
    • Address IP awareness and culture-building, and some of our programs include IP competitive intelligence reports, as well as access to self-serve resources.
    • Provide participating companies with ongoing access to extra content for Beyond IP Strategy alumni.


Protect and grow
your market position


Focus on the IP projects
that matter most


Access business-minded
legal expertise


Make IP decisions more quickly 
and confidently


Improve your portfolio’s
cost efficiency


Translate insights into a 
competitive edge

What can IP do for my business?


  • Advised a manufacturing and design company on IP strategy prioritization for different R&D investments, including providing Board-level guidance and developing a detailed implementation blueprint.
  • Advised an investment fund focused on innovative companies, developing a playbook and framework for assessing company IP maturity and negotiating IP clauses in funding agreements.
  • Worked with a multinational professional services firm to provide Board-level assessment of intellectual property strategy and review of an existing patent portfolio for an optical semiconductor designer and manufacturer.
  • Assisted a number of public research organizations in Canada on elements of their IP strategy and policy, including training, technology-related and license agreements, patent valuation and commercialization, and patent enforcement.
  • Advised a post-secondary institution on strategic assessment of two patent portfolios (hydrogen technology and big data), including patent asset assessment and portfolio metrics, market assessment, and commercialization options.
  • Advised a global infrastructure organization with its innovation program for technology related to construction optimization software, including license agreements and arrangements with Canadian and U.S. universities.

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