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Strengthen Your Business with Beyond IP Strategy

Protect your strategic assets and drive greater value with a holistic approach to intellectual property.

A robust IP strategy matters more to businesses than ever before. In our increasingly digital world, information, ideas and processes can be easily accessed, replicated and shared.

Matching your IP protection with your business objectives ensures you have the right resources to protect your most valuable assets—your intellectual and creative capital.

Align your IP with your goals

Beyond IP Strategy is a team of business and legal professionals from across Canada who specialize in IP strategy and helping clients get to their intended results faster.

Using Growth Catalyst®—BLG’s proprietary Intellectual Property strategy framework—we help clients develop, expand and fortify their IP strategy from every angle. Our IP strategy solutions also help companies prepare for investment and financing, expansion, or exit, as well as provide valuable insights and intelligence about the IP activity of their competitors.

Whether you are interested in defining the role of IP or transforming your organization’s approach to IP, Beyond IP Strategy can help you build an intentional, business-focused and value-driven approach.


  • Developed an IP strategy for a healthcare software design consultancy, providing direction on wisely focusing IP investments and helping avoid a planned IP investment that would not have provided business value.
  • Advised an investment fund focused on innovative companies, developing a playbook and framework for assessing company IP maturity and negotiating IP clauses in funding agreements.
  • Worked with a multinational professional services firm to provide Board-level assessment of intellectual property strategy and review of an existing patent portfolio for an optical semiconductor designer and manufacturer.
  • Assisted a number of public research organizations in Canada on elements of their IP strategy and policy, including training, technology-related and license agreements, patent valuation and commercialization, and patent enforcement.
  • Advised a post-secondary institution on strategic assessment of two patent portfolios (hydrogen technology and big data), including patent asset assessment and portfolio metrics, market assessment, and commercialization options.
  • Advised a global infrastructure organization with its innovation program for technology related to construction optimization software, including license agreements and arrangements with Canadian and U.S. universities.

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