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Whether protecting your copyrights or defending them from infringement claims, it’s key to have a trusted, proactive team of advisors who can address complex copyright issues across numerous industries and help achieve your business’s goals.

Our Copyright Group’s experience and multidisciplinary approach provides comprehensive assistance in a range of areas, including:

  • copyright due diligence
  • litigating copyright issues
  • obtaining copyright registration
  • managing copyright portfolios
  • copyright protection
  • anti-piracy and enforcement
  • government copyright policies and legislation

Businesses trust us to protect, leverage and defend their domestic and international copyright interests. We have particular expertise in the following sectors:

  • publishing
  • media
  • software development
  • educational institutions
  • collective rights organizations

Our team represents clients before the provincial courts, the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada.


  • A copyright infringement matter against two Italian companies, alleging infringement of nautical charts. The matter ultimately settled, but we successfully defended a motion for summary trial seeking to dismiss the action for lack of standing in the Court of Appeal, with leave to appeal denied by the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Clients in a number of matters, either sending or responding to cease and desist letters relating to alleged infringement of copyright. Most of these have been resolved without going to court.
  • A Canadian municipality, where an application was launched against the city for allegedly infringing copyright in a photo. The matter settled.

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