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Driving Ontario municipalities forward

As a municipality, there’s very little in daily life that you don’t touch—everything from safety to economic development, transportation to drinking water. Your responsibilities are enormous. So are your challenges. Climate change, restructuring, stretched resources, cybersecurity, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and an increasingly litigious society are only a few of the concerns keeping municipal CAOs up at night.

We can help. Our specialized expertise, strategic mindset and timely, cost-effective response make us a friend to municipalities of all sizes, including smaller communities that may not have the in-house legal support of their larger neighbours. We can help you with expropriation, land use planning, environmental issues, liability and more. Sign up for our insights to receive occasional updates on the latest legal developments.

Building department claims: A case law update

This webinar provides an update on municipal liability in the context of building permits and building inspections of particular interest to smaller municipalities. It starts with a refresher on the Building Code Act (1992), offers lessons learned from several Supreme Court of Canada decisions and concludes with a detailed exploration of risk management strategies.
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